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Banking Guide

Online Banking Guide

Banking. Let's face it - it's not exactly the most exciting aspect of an online casino. It is also perhaps one of the most important though, as without good banking options, you could have loads of problems making deposits and withdrawals. But how exactly do you know which sites offer the best banking options? The answer is simple: check out the reviews here at, where you'll find the most honest and accurate information around!

As always, we'll include all the information you need to know about a site's banking options, plus we also have loads of information regarding the different payment methods, such as PayPal, credit cards and Skrill. So, before you sign up with a site, check with us that it will accept your preferred payment method!

Banking is Hugely Important

You might think that banking at an online casino is easy. The fact is this though: different sites offer many different payment methods, and some might not accept your preferred one. Sure, if you use a credit card to deposit, you'll be able to play at 99.9% of online casinos, however what if you use Neteller? Or PayPal? Or Entropay? You'll need to check whether the different sites accept these methods, or risk being disappointed after spending all that time signing up.

It's not just the banking methods that are important though - it's also the way in which the site handles deposits and withdrawals. Before you play, you'll need to see how long these transactions take, whether there are any charges attached to them, and if there are any specific bonuses you'll get for using a particular payment method. Only once you know these details can you work out if a site is good for you.

The Different Banking Options

The range of banking options open to online casino players in New Zealand is absolutely massive, meaning that everyone should be able to find the perfect choice for them. There are, of course, some that are slightly more popular than others, and these are:

  • Credit card. Undoubtedly the most popular way to deposit, as it takes a matter of seconds and is really convenient.
  • PayPal. The world's largest online payment portal, depositing and withdrawing using PayPal is fast and completely safe.
  • Skrill. Skrill is a huge e-wallet company, processing huge numbers of transactions every day. It's a favourite with online gamblers, thanks to its ease-of-use and anonymity.
  • Neteller. One of the oldest e-wallet companies, it is completely trustworthy and, like Skrill, offers anonymity to players.
  • Entropay. This is a prepaid card, meaning that you can't overspend when you use it. It's really popular throughout the world.

All of the different payment methods discussed at are completely safe, as we would never recommend a banking method that we didn't completely trust. If you ever find an unusual banking method listed at a site and don't quite trust it, the advice is simple: avoid it and use a different payment method instead!

How We Assess Payment Methods

Bank on us to bring great information on deposits and withdrawals

At, we want to bring you the most accurate and helpful insights possible when it comes to the world of online casinos. In order to do this, we use a number of important criteria when looking at the different banking options. By applying the same criteria to each payment method, we are able to create unbiased and accurate reviews, which you should find incredibly useful when starting out in the world of online gambling.

Perhaps the most important thing we look at is how reliable a payment method is. By this, we mean how well it works, how good the security features are, and how it is perceived by the majority of online gamblers out there. We'll also look at the amount of time the different methods take to process deposits and withdrawals, with better options taking much less time.

The costs associated with depositing and withdrawing are also really important, and they play a massive role in determining how good a payment method is. After all, wouldn't you rather use one that charges nothing, as opposed to a payment method charging a huge percentage of every transaction? If any of the different methods charge exorbitant fees, we'll make sure we let you know, and we'll also keep an eye out to make sure that their fee structures don't change at any point.

Unbiased Reviews

Just like with all of the casinos we review, we are not affiliated to any of the different payment methods. Therefore, we have no reason to recommend one above another. This means that all of our reviews are completely honest, and you can trust them totally when making your decision on the payment method that's best for you. Our main focus is your welfare, so we'd never risk that by providing dishonest or deliberately misleading information.


What are the recommended methods for New Zealand players?

This is completely down to personal preference, however the vast majority of players will use their credit cards to make deposits at online casinos. In order to find out the best method for you, work out exactly what you need. Are you looking for speed? Or do you need anonymity? Or perhaps low fees are your main aim? Then read our reviews to find the best one for your requirements!

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Most payment methods will generally allow funds to be transferred to your online casino account instantly, meaning that you can play straight away. Withdrawals take longer, however this is usually due to the fact that casinos can take a few days to process them. It is very rare to find a way to withdraw funds instantly.

Are there any fees involved?

Most casinos do not charge fees for depositing, however some attach a small fee when making a withdrawal, especially if the amount you are withdrawing is small. The different payment methods have their own fees, and we'll tell you about these on their specific pages.

Is depositing and withdrawing at online casinos safe?

Providing you use one of the casinos recommended at, and that you use one of the better-known payment methods, you'll find that your transactions are totally safe. As always though, if something doesn't seem right, stop what you're doing and ensure that your details remain secure.

How are withdrawals made?

Withdrawing money from a casino is the exciting part, and it is generally really easy to do. Simply head to the banking section, select the withdrawal method you want to use, and then choose how much to withdraw. Most withdrawals will take a few days to then reach you. If it is your first withdrawal, or if you're withdrawing a large amount, some sites might require you to produce ID first.

Which casino offers the best selection of payment methods?

All of the sites recommended at offer a great selection of payment methods. These sites include Roxy Palace, Ruby Fortune, and Jackpot City. To see whether they accept your preferred payment method, check out their individual reviews.

Can banking be done using a mobile casino?

This really depends on the individual casino. Some casinos will allow banking to occur when using their mobile platform, however others only allow deposits and withdrawals to be made at their desktop site. If you are using your mobile to make payments, make sure you are using a trusted network.