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Top Live Dealer Hold'Em Casinos

Live Dealer Holdem Gambling

Of all the main types of live dealer games found online, casino hold'em is perhaps the least played. That being said, it still has a loyal army of players, each of whom loves the huge excitement every single hand can bring. This excitement has only been increased by the addition of live dealers, which are able to interact with players and make people feel like they're actually in a casino, even if they're really playing on their sofa!

The number of online casinos offering live dealer casino hold'em to players in New Zealand is large, and it is only going to grow. We've reviewed all the casinos offering this game, and come up with our list of the best places to play. While conducting these reviews, we've taken into account:

  • The quality of the live dealer games offered
  • How good the dealers are
  • The amount you can potentially win
  • Any exclusive bonuses offered to live casino players
Top Sites In New Zealand


Everything you need to know about live dealer casino hold'em

If you already love casino hold'em online and you haven't tried a live dealer casino yet, you'll find that the live dealer version only enhances your enjoyment of the game. The addition of actual dealers to the experience, as well as a real casino table for the action to pan out on, ramps up the enjoyment massively, spurring you on to win even larger sums of money when you play. Of course, some people will prefer the peace and quiet offered by standard casino hold'em when online gambling, however most will instantly prefer the live offering.

Introducing Live Dealer Casino Hold'Em

The first thing to say about live dealer casino hold'em is this: it is played in exactly the same way as standard online casino hold'em, so you won't have any new rules and skills to learn. This means that you can jump to live dealer casino hold'em instantly, and immediately start to enjoy the playing experience. Once you have made the switch though, you'll probably never go back to the original version, as live dealer casino hold'em is simply so much more exciting!

Regardless of where you play this game, you'll find that they are all pretty similar. There are a couple of small differences to take into account though, with the biggest being the quality of the dealers. Some online casinos employ the very best dealers around, while others aren't quite so picky, we'll let you know which casinos have the best ones though. You'll also find that different casinos offer different minimum and maximum limits to their players.

How to Play Casino Hold'Em

Unlike standard games of Texas hold'em, casino hold'em is played simply against the dealer. The object of the game is to make the best five-card poker hand, using your two hole cards, as well as the five community cards on the table. If your hand is better than the dealer's hand, you will win. It should be noted that the player will not know the two cards possessed by the dealer (and vice versa) until the end of the game.

Firstly, you need to place a bet to get the game started. You'll then be dealt two cards, and the dealer will also receive two cards. Three cards will then be placed on the table, and you need to decide whether to make another bet and continue, or fold your hand and lose your initial stake. Should you decide to continue, two further cards are added to the table, and you once again decide whether to bet or fold.

At the end of the game, the hole cards will be revealed, and you'll see whether you have managed to beat the dealer. It should be noted that the dealer has to have a hand that is good enough to meet the set criteria (usually a pair of fours or better) to qualify, and if they don't, you won't win as much. It is also possible to make side bets in this game, and these will be paid out at the end of the hand as well.

The Advantages of Live Dealer Casino Hold'Em

The biggest advantage of live dealer casino hold'em is undoubtedly the fact that it brings a far more authentic casino experience to players, which leads to much larger amounts of fun. This mainly comes from the interaction with the dealer, who might even sometimes give you hints and tips about how to play also if you play live dealer blackjack or roulette. Make no mistake though: they still very much want to take your money from you!

Online live dealer casino hold'em is also much more transparent than traditional online casino hold'em, as you are able to see everything the dealer is doing, and can be sure that there's no cheating or dishonesty happening. While online casinos don't cheat at any of their games, some are still suspicious, so this should calm their nerves.

The Disadvantages of Live Dealer Casino Hold'Em

The only slight disadvantage when playing live dealer casino hold'em is the fact that the stakes are often higher than in standard casino hold'em, meaning that it is a game often preferred by higher stakes players. Online gambling in New Zealand is starting to make live dealer games more accessible to the average player though, so expect to see lower stakes live tables at more and more casinos very soon.

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What is live dealer casino hold ?em?

Live dealer casino hold ?em is a game similar to the popular Texas hold ?em, where players have to get a better five-card poker hand than the dealer. It has the added advantage of being played using a live dealer though, which only adds to the excitement that you?ll feel when you play.

Is live dealer casino hold ?em available for players from New Zealand?

There are many different online casinos offering live dealer casino hold ?em to players in New Zealand. To help you choose which is best for you, we?ve reviewed all of these casinos, using a number of different criteria.

How does it compare to standard online casino hold ?em?

The live version plays in exactly the same way as standard online casino hold ?em, using the same rules. It is much more exciting though, as it is closer to an authentic casino experience. Live dealer games do usually have higher stakes, and the speed of play usually isn?t quite as fast.

Is live dealer casino hold ?em fair?

Like every other game found at online casinos in New Zealand, live dealer casino hold ?em is completely fair. We test all sites to gauge their integrity and fairness. If we have any suspicions, we?ll let you know about them straight away.

Are there any bonuses?

Nearly all sites offer bonuses to their players, and if they don?t, they probably aren?t worth playing at in the first place. To persuade people to start playing live casino games, many sites also offer exclusive bonuses for these games, which can often be worth decent amounts of money. We?ll let you know which sites this applies to.

What are the best sites for live dealer casino hold ?em?

There are many good sites offering this game to their players. By looking at the reviews we?ve created here at though, you?ll be able to discover the very best of them. Of course, you might have to try out a few different sites for yourself though, as everyone has completely different personal preferences.

How much can be won playing liver dealer casino hold ?em?

The most that can be won on a single hand (not including side bets) is usually 100-1, which is paid when the player gets a royal flush. In terms of how much you can win in a complete session, the amount is unlimited, and depends on how much you bet and how lucky you are. This means that some people can win thousands and thousands when they play this exciting game.