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The Best Online Gambling Bonuses Uncovered

Online Gambling Bonuses

New Zealanders are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to online gambling in 2024. There are tons of NZ casinos vying for your business, all offering some great gambling bonuses. Our experts have scoured the internet to uncover the best online gambling bonuses, and secured our players exclusive deals up to NZ$1600. Bonus offers are great for all gamblers, offering benefits like:

  • Free money on top of your deposit
  • Helps you maximize your earnings from a casino
  • Rewards things like inviting friends or sticking with a casino
  • Gives players the chance to try casinos without spending money initially
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Types Of Online Gambling Bonus

A no deposit bonus allows players to test a casino with real money without depositing any of their own first.

Online gambling bonus points are offered to attract you in to an international casino site in New Zealand. The promotional deal is a win-win for everyone involved. If you're going to try online gambling, bonuses are the best way to increase your winnings as the more you're able to bet, the higher your pay-out will be. Here are all of the types of real money bonuses you can expect at New Zealand casinos who offer the top promotions out there:

  • Real Money Match Bonus means that the New Zealand casino will match the amount you deposit when you first sign up. This is one of the best online gambling bonus deals out there - you simply deposit money, and get money in return! Most casinos offer 100% match but some of the best sites we found offer as high as 300%!
  • Flat Fee Bonuses stay the same amount no matter how much you deposit. This means you can deposit $10 but if there is a flat fee bonus of $800 you still get it!
  • Welcome Bonuses, or No-Deposit Bonuses are even better. This appears in your casino account right when you sign up. You do not have to make any real money deposits to start playing, and start earning. This is a great way to try out new games.
  • Free Play Bonuses are similar to no-deposit but instead of points or cash you get free game play. This is an excellent deal because you can try out a ton of different games before taking any risk with real money.
  • Refer a Friend Bonuses are great as well. It is always more fun to gamble with friends, and this bonus gives you points or real money for referring your friends to the site.
  • Loyalty Bonuses are designed to keep you playing on one site. The more you play at a particular gambling site, the more bonuses you earn. The casino rewards your loyalty with more chances to win. Most of the time you will be rewarded with complimentary points, which can be traded in for winnings.

Things to Remember - Gambling & Casino Bonuses in NZ

Most casino bonuses come with betting requirements, make sure you know what they are before you try to make use of one.

Gambling bonuses are great for everyone involved. It is a fool proof way to start getting involved with real money game play almost risk free. Keep in mind though that online gambling bonuses all have their own strict terms and conditions you must adhere to. We made sure that the New Zealand sites we found all have fair terms as a top priority, but you must read for yourself and make sure you understand because they vary from site to site.

Usually the amount will be held in your NZ casino account until you meet the conditions, especially with real money bonuses. When you play a certain number of rounds of online gambling, bonuses become available to cash out. But, most often it is super easy to get your hands on your cash even if it is not instantaneous. It is definitely worth the small bit of effort to take advantage of the great bonus offers out there in New Zealand.

You should especially look for top of the line casinos geared towards NZ players, because their bonuses will be even greater. We found the best sites for you, take a look around at the casinos we have listed to start earning points and real money today!

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What are gambling bonuses?

Gambling bonuses are additional money that's offered to you as you play at a casino for a specific reason such as a deposit that you made.

Are they available for New Zealand players?

Yes! Bonuses are available to any New Zealand player meeting the requirements, which means just about everyone making their first deposit at an online casino.

Where can I find the best bonus?

Right here on this page! Our casino experts scour the web to find you the top gambling promotions and deals from the most reputable sites.

Who is eligible for them?

Anyone willing to join a casino, as long as they can deposit enough money to meet the requirements. Bonuses are very easy to qualify for, though getting the money is a bit more difficult.

Are they worthwhile?

Yes - bonuses are usually worthwhile because you earn them playing at the casino just like you would anyway. As long as you don't play more poorly just to unlock a bonus you can really benefit from the added money.

What can I use them for?

You can use bonus money to continue playing at the casino with any game that you like. You can often withdraw that money as well after you've bet enough money at the casino.

Do I need to make a deposit?

For most bonuses you will need to make your initial deposit in order to qualify for the money. There are a few no-deposit bonuses that will give you money without any deposit though.

Can I withdraw the bonus money?

You can withdraw the bonus money after you meet all the requirements of the offer. This usually means betting 20x to 40x the bonus money at the casino before you can make a withdrawal. So a $500 bonus would require betting $10,000 to $20,000 before withdrawing it.