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Online Gambling with your iPad in New Zealand

iPad Gambling New Zealand

Online gambling is one of the top pastimes for NZ residents, with hundreds of sites to choose from every day. But did you know that you can also access all of the best online gambling sites from your iPad or iPhone? You can enjoy real money iPad gambling whenever and wherever you want, via the apps or sites offered by online casinos. Take a look at our list of the best iPad gambling online sites and apps in NZ and you can start winning real cash today.

Offering the best means that as an iPad tablet user, you'll get to experience these benefits:

  • iPad gambling at all top online casinos
  • Excellent variety in graphics & gameplay
  • Top welcome bonuses for iPad players
Top Sites In New Zealand


Find Top New Zealand Casinos for iPad

The iPad offers one of the best mobile gambling experiences with plenty of screen space and quality graphics.

In New Zealand, online gambling and casino sites for Apple users can be accessed from any computer, phone or tablet with an internet connection. Smartphones and iPads make it even easier to log on to your favourite online casinos on the go, no matter where you are. New apps and mobile sites are being developed and improved every day, making right now a great time to get into the game.

New Zealand residents are legally not allowed to own or operate any online casino software. However, it?s perfectly legal for Kiwis to create accounts and gamble for real money on international gambling sites. This also includes smartphone and iPad apps.

The problem is, there are hundreds upon hundreds of international online gambling sites to choose from. How do you know if the site you log in to is reliable and trustworthy? We put together a quick and easy list to help you choose only the top sites and apps:

  • Selection of Games: Game selection is a top priority for the best online casinos, because they know that in order to attract new customers and keep them from getting bored and looking for a new site, they need to have a wide selection of both classic and modern games to choose from. A well-established online casino will have all of the classics, with multiple tables for poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, as well as new and modern games with a little bit more excitement, like pop-culture slot machines or new games such as Bejewelled. If you choose a site with a poor array of games that is a sign that they rushed through the creation of their app and you can expect to come across more problems in the future.
  • Security and Safety: The safety of your secure online information such as your name and address, financial data and more, should be the number one priority at any real money gambling online site. Never play for real money at a site that is not eCOGRA verified and does not offer multiple payment options. If a casino is legit, they should be able to accept deposits and withdrawals from online banks, debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets at a minimum. This shows that they are a true business and not a scam.

    One way you can tell a site is legitimate is if they list out all of their payment options and certifications right on the front page of their site. This shows that they take pride in offering tight security measures for their customers. Another way to tell is to ask customer service directly what measures they have taken to keep your data secure. If they dance around the issue or cannot give a straight answer, that is a huge red flag. If they are able to explain all of their security measures to you, you can trust them to be a legitimate website.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal: Apple iPads and smartphones are by far the most convenient way to play at an online casino, with mobile sites and apps available from anywhere with a 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that any site you join also makes payments and financial transactions convenient.

    A site with convenient deposit and withdrawal will have multiple payment options to choose from, financial certifications such as eCOGRA verification, good marks on customer review sites that say players were able to deposit and withdraw winnings quickly and easily, and excellent customer service agents who are available 24/7 for any questions or issues with payments.

iPad Gambling Online in NZ - Advantages

Download iPad apps for the best gaming experience, they are carefully customized just for the device itself.

If you are going to gamble online for real money from your Apple iPad in NZ, the top reason is most likely convenience. Unlike gambling on a computer, iPad apps let you take the casino with you anywhere you want to go. You can play from a coffee shop, library, bus stop, a friend?s house, or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Another big advantage to playing online on an iPad for real cash is that you can try out new apps and new online casinos quickly and easily. On a computer you may have to download an entire casino software suite in order to really get a feel for the games that are offered and the quality of gameplay.

On an app, everything is right there ready for you. Even on a mobile site, you can just log in quickly, try out a few games, and make the decision whether you want to download the full software or not. This makes it easy whether you plan to play regularly on your iPad or if you are mostly going to play from your home computer

Playing in your iPad Browser

When you decide to play at an iPad casino, you have two main choices for how to play. You can either download an app, or you can log in to your mobile browser and access an instant play mobile site. Apps are more of a commitment than instantly play, because they take up space on your device and must be downloaded, which can take a few minutes per app. Instant play is a quicker and commitment-free option, but you have to log on every single time you want to play, which can be a hassle.

If you are in an area of NZ with a slow connection, you probably will not want to waste time downloading gambling apps. The easiest thing for you to do would be to focus on instant play. Even though you have to log in, this will be a lot faster than waiting on an app to download, which can take a very long time if you don't have a fast connection. Just like on a desktop computer, apps often have a larger selection of real money games to choose from than instant play. This is because instant play is mainly there to attract new customers, and apps are there for the loyal players who come back for more. You are rewarded for your loyalty with more games to play and more rooms and tables to choose from.

We took the time to search the web in order to find only the best online casino websites and apps for you to play on your iPad. Online gambling sites on our recommended lists have been personally vetted, only the top websites making the cut. We rated each site on a strict rubric of safety, reliability, security, and quality of service. These sites have the best games, payment options and customer service out there, so pick one and start winning real money today!

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Can I gamble on an iPad?

You can absolutely gamble on an Apple iPad and it?s one of the best mobile devices to gamble on out of them all.

What models are compatible?

Generally the iPad 2 and greater are compatible at most online casinos, but some will require more modern iPads and others will go back to the first device, so it?s important to check.

How do I start playing?

You start playing by making an account with the casino and funding it. From there you can download the software or visit the mobile site to play games on your account.

Should I use a site or app?

You should use the iPad gambling app whenever possible because it will take full advantage of the screen's real estate on your tablet and make the game more enjoyable.

Does the App Store feature gambling apps?

The App Store features gambling apps for real money, and the online gambling venues themselves will also feature dedicated iOS apps.

What types of gambling is popular on mobile?

On the Apple iPad most types of gambling are supported and popular. It?s common for table games and slot machines to both work very well on the large screen.

How does it compare to other devices?

The iPad is the best mobile device to gamble on for real money in most instances. It?s more widely supported than most other devices and offers plenty of screen space and a high level of resolution so that you can see what you?re doing well.

Is it safe?

Online gambling on an iPad is just as safe as it is with a different device. Choose the casino you play at carefully and always rely on reviews before making your final decision and you won?t have much to worry about.