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Your Guide To The Top Online Casinos In 2024

Online Casino Gambling

Online gambling is huge in New Zealand, and finding the perfect online casino is often the biggest challenge for those looking to gamble online. At, we aim to bring you the very best news, reviews and opinions surrounding the world of online gambling in New Zealand, so you can make the most informed choices when you play.

There are loads of things to consider before you sign up! Some of the more important considerations to make include:

  • Any bonuses being offered, including welcome bonuses
  • What security features are in place to ensure your safety
  • Ease of accessibility from mobile devices

Luckily for you, we'll cover all of these aspects when we review all of the different online casinos available to players in New Zealand so you'll be able to find the online casino that's great for you, and get maximum enjoyment from your playing experience!

Top Sites In New Zealand


Your #1 guide to online gambling in New Zealand

Luckily for you, we'll cover all of these aspects, plus many, many more, when we review all of the different online casinos available to players in New Zealand. The result - You'll be able to find the online casino that's great for you, and get maximum enjoyment from your playing experience!

We Find the Best Casinos for You

As already stated, there are loads of different online casinos open to players from New Zealand, however some are markedly better than others. Our reviews will allow you to find the very best of them, and to avoid the ones that simply don't offer enough to their players. We'll never tell you which online casino you should definitely play at, but instead give you all the information you need for you to make your own educated decision.

It is important to state that we are not affiliated to any casino, therefore we are not obligated to provide favourable reviews. This means that every review on this site is completely honest, so you can trust what we have to say. What's more, our reviews are written by experienced gamblers, who know exactly what to look for in an online casino.

Online Gambling is 100% Legal in New Zealand

Some countries throughout the world, such as the US, have tough laws surrounding online gambling, meaning that citizens aren't able to play. For those living in New Zealand though, real money online gambling is completely legal, and can be enjoyed in nearly every form. This is confirmed in the Gambling Act 2003.

While it is legal for individuals to gamble in New Zealand, online gambling companies are not allowed to operate from inside the country (aside from bookmakers and lotteries). This means that New Zealanders will need to find online casinos that operate from different parts of the world. Don't worry though, as there are loads of them, and we'll let you know the best ones right here at this site!

Playing on your Mobile

Mobile casinos occupy a huge place in the world of online gambling, and the best online casinos in New Zealand ensure that they offer a fantastic mobile experience. This means that they offer a large range of games to all mobile players, as well as retain as many features as possible. Of course, mobile casinos aren't quite as comprehensive as standard casinos, however they are starting to narrow the gap, thanks to improvements in technology.

All of the casino reviews found at will pay particular attention to the world of mobile gambling. This is especially useful for those always on the go, who still want to spend some time enjoying their favourite hobby!

Loads of Games You Love

You will find absolutely everything you can ever imagine when you gamble online, from the world's most popular real money casino games through to more niche games. Some of the more regularly seen games include:

Online casinos are also often affiliated with other types of gambling too, meaning that you'll also often find sections covering things such as sports betting and lotteries. The very best sites are the ones with the largest selection, ensuring that you can find all your gambling wants in one single place.

How to Start Gambling Online

The process to beginning your real money online gambling adventure is a really easy one, and it's made even easier by the help we'll provide at The first step is to read the reviews we have, and decide which casino offers the best experience to you, taking into account features such as the games, bonuses and amount of security they offer.

Once you've decided on your perfect site, head there and create an account. When doing so, make sure you give all the correct details, so that you don't run into any problems later. You can then make your first deposit, ensuring that you use any bonus codes you've found. Some of these bonus codes can be worth huge sums of money, so you don't want to miss out!

You're then free to start playing any of the games you fancy at the online casino. Try to play a nice selection, so you can find the ones you're best at, as well as the ones you enjoy the most. If you manage to win (and hopefully you do!) simply use the banking section to withdraw your money.

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What are the most popular types of gambling?

There's no doubting the most popular type of online gambling in New Zealand: pokies! Sports betting is also incredibly popular though, as are poker and traditional casino games, such as blackjack and roulette.

Is there an age restriction for players in New Zealand?

The legal age to gamble in New Zealand is 20, however this does not apply to sites based overseas. It's generally the case that most sites accept New Zealanders to their site if they are aged 18 or over, providing they can provide sufficient ID.

What currencies do online casinos offer?

Many online casinos offer a comprehensive range of different currencies, including NZD, making it easier for players from New Zealand to play. Even if they don't offer NZD though, it is still pretty easy to play in a currency such as USD, GBP or EUR, all of which are nearly always supported. Just make sure you look at the exchange rates before depositing.

How should beginners start?

Taking your first steps into the world of online casinos can be daunting, but we are here to help. To get started, simply select from one of the top-rated casinos found on this site, sign up, and get playing! You can always try the free games offered by most sites first, just to get used to the way in which they work.

How are sites rated?

There are many different factors we consider when judging a site, but the most important ones are: security, range of games, bonuses, banking options, and their mobile offering. Only by taking into account all of these factors can we make a true judgement of any online casino.

Are all the recommended sites safe to use?

Absolutely. Your safety is our primary concern, so we'll only ever recommend a site that has passed our rigorous safety tests. If we suspect for a moment that a site is unsafe, we will let you know, and certainly won't recommend playing there.

Is it possible to play games for free?

The vast majority of sites allow players to try their games for free, meaning that you can get an understanding of the rules and tactics before spending your money. Some free games even offer small prizes, although this is not that common.