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Top Horse Race Betting Sites in New Zealand

Horse Race Betting

Horseracing is one of the most popular things to bet on throughout the world. The sport itself has a rich history, and thousands of people will gather to observe and bet on some of the biggest events. With the increased popularity of online gambling, New Zealanders can find a great selection of sites for online betting on horse races.

With it being such a popular sport in not only New Zealand, but also the entire world, we have studied some of the top sites for betting on horse races online. Our review team has weighed all of the options, and they have come to the conclusion that the best site for betting on horse races is Betway Sports. In this, we have considered several factors to provide you with a list of the best sites for real money gambling on horseracing.

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Top Sports Betting Sites In New Zealand


"When it comes to online gambling for horseracing, there are many different types of bets that you can place."

Horseracing and its history

Horseracing is one of the most ancient sports in the world, and its mark can be found on many ancient cultures. From Western Europe to the furthest reaches of East Asia, different types of horseracing played an important role in almost every society.

The more professional styles of horseracing may have developed in the modern era, but they do trace their origins to centuries past. With thoroughbred racing, you have a history that goes back to knights returning from the Crusades. As they brought back the faster Arabian horses and bred them with their native horses, they developed a breed that had superior speed and endurance.

In the early 18th century, the sport of thoroughbred racing became more of a professionalised affair, and the English brought it with them as they expanded a global empire. Now, you can see thoroughbred horse racing all over the world and it makes for one of the most popular sports betting opportunities in any country where it exists and it is still more popular than greyhound race betting.

A look at the types of racing in NZ

In New Zealand, you have a variety of different types of horseracing. Among the most common forms, you have Group races, Listed races, Maiden races and Handicap races.

The Group races are the top tier of NZ horseracing. At the top, you have the Group 1 horses, which is the championship level of horseracing. After that, you have Group 2 for the horses that are just below championship level and you have Group 3 for horses that are just below Group 2.

With listed races, you have horses that are not of the Group standard. A Group horse that performs poorly may drop down to being a listed horse, and the races can be used to identify top performers that may be suitable for a Group classification.

The Maiden horse races are for horses that have not yet won a race. A racehorse could remain a maiden for its entire career and still earn good prize money for its owner.

A handicap race is where the horses will carry a different amount of weight depending on their past performance. The idea is that it is supposed to give each horse a relatively even chance at winning.

In addition to the different classes for flat racing, you also have races that vary in distance. You have the sprints that can be as little as 1000m, and you have longer races that can exceed 2400m. Depending on their breeding, a horse may only perform well in long or short distance races, but the top champions will have the ability to do well in both sprints and endurance races.

Bets that you can place

When it comes to online gambling for horseracing, there are many different types of bets that you can place. The following are some of the options for New Zealand?s online horseracing bettors.

Win, place, eachway

A bet to win is a bet to select the winner of the race, and a bet to place is a bet that the horse will finish in one of the top three spots. When you combine a win and a place bet on the same horse, you have an eachway.


A double is a bet to select the winning horse to two separate races at the same event.


This is a bet to select which horses finish first and second, with the order not coming into consideration.


A trifecta selects the horses that finish in the top 3, in the actual order.


This is a bet to select the winner of three separate races in the same event.


A first4 is similar to a trifecta, but the bettor must select the first four horses to finish in the correct order.


In four nominated races, the bettor must select the winner of each race.

Percentage Betting

The bettor selects an amount that they want to bet on various combinations and percentages are worked out to spread the bet out among the different picks.

All Up Poker

This is not a specific type of bet. With All Up Poker, bets are placed on multiple races and the dividends of a win are reinvested in the following races.

What makes a good horseracing betting site?

In selecting the online horseracing gambling sites that we recommend, we consider several factors. You want a site that performs well from a technical standpoint, one that offers a wide number of betting opportunities for horseracing, good customer support and good banking options.


If you like the excitement of horseracing, then check our list for the best sites for placing your bets. Our list includes full reviews of New Zealand?s top sites for online gambling on horseracing.


How does betting on horseracing work?

A bookmaker sets odds for the different horse races, and the bettors place bets based on these odds.

Where do I find online horserace betting?

Several sites take bets on horseracing and we have a list of the top sports books for this purpose.

How do the odds affect your bet?

If the odds are longer, it means that the bet is less likely to win, but it provides a bigger payout. If the odds are short, then it is a bet that is more likely to win, but it offers a smaller payout.

Can these bets turn a profit?

The betting can be profitable, but it will require smart betting and a little bit of luck.

What is the most you can win?

The total prize depends on the amount that you bet and the odds.

Can I watch the live races online?

Yes. There are sites that offer betting and live streaming races.

Are races fixed?

Horseracing is a sport that is regulated and observed by authorities to protect against the possibility of fixing.