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Gambling Online With MasterCard in NZ

MasterCard Online Payment

Easy and fast deposits and withdrawals can make or break your gambling experience. If you cannot access your winnings or deposit real cash into your account to play with, the excitement quickly dulls into frustration. Luckily if you are a MasterCard user, you have access to one of the quickest, easiest and most secure payment methods in the world of online gambling. MasterCard is accepted at almost every gambling website and they make online banking super easy. Even though MasterCard is accepted almost everywhere, you still want to make sure you are playing at a reputable casino, and our review team found that Spin Casino is a great choice for NZ gamblers.

This guide will tell you some of the most common problems that online MasterCard casino users have when it comes to deposits and withdrawals into their accounts. We will go over why MasterCard is such a good option whether you are a new or seasoned gambler, how to get started, and how to use your MasterCard when paying for gambling online. Just a few of the benefits of depositing with MasterCard are:

  • Widely accepted
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and simple
  • Low fees involved
  • Familiar way to pay for things
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Real Money Deposits in New Zealand

MasterCard is one of the most widely accepted payment options for casinos.

Real money deposits are necessary if you want to move into the big leagues of online gambling. You can sign up for a free account at any online casino in order to test games, read the terms or service, or just have some fun, but if you want to start winning real cash you have to make a deposit first.

The process is incredibly easy. First, you need to either sign up for a new account or convert your free account into a paid account. All you need to do is enter your real, such as name and address, and hook up your MasterCard to make a deposit. When you play with a free account, you can use any name you choose, but this is not a smart thing to do in a paid account. Casinos have security measures that verify your ID before your winnings are released, so if you use a fake name or address you will not be able to make withdrawals.

After your real money account is all set up, you can easily make your first deposit using your MasterCard. Gambling online sites have made this one simple step - enter your card and verification numbers, as well as your full name and billing address. That's it! It is as easy as making any online purchase. The money will be instantly available in your online gambling account so that you can start playing.

MasterCard Issues

  • A limit on what you can deposit
  • A cap on the total amount withdrawn
  • Slow deposit or withdrawal
  • Time consuming to get money back if scammed

Online Gambling MasterCard Deposits

If you already have a MasterCard consider using it for all your casino deposit and withdrawal needs for simplicity.

Although the sites we have listed are all vetted for top security and safety, it is possible that you may run into a few small issues while using real cash to gamble online. MasterCard sometimes has issues when it comes to large purchases and deposits, but luckily the solutions are simple and easy. We will go over all of these problems and solutions below so that you can feel confident in gambling for real money online!

Declined Card or Card Not Accepted: Sometimes, your card may be declined because you do not have enough money in your account or credit line. This is called "insufficient funds" in the error message you will receive, and is not an easy fix. Casinos have to follow the same rules as everyone else and will not overdraw your account, so if you have insufficient funds, unfortunately the only solution is to either pay off some credit or deposit more money into your debit account.

If you get a card declined error message but you are sure that you have the right amount of money in your account, you should verify all of your billing information such as your address and full name. Make sure that everything spelled correctly, because even the smallest mistake can set off the casino's security checks.

Another thing you can try is depositing a smaller amount, especially if you were declined on a large deposit amount. Sometimes MasterCard will impose limits on the amount you are allowed to spend at one time. This is a way of preventing fraud and theft. You can contact the bank for a solution if you wish, they often will be able to lift the hold temporarily or even raise your limit in the long run.

Withdrawal Issues with Online Gambling: MasterCard is an incredibly reliable payment method, but this will not always be able to protect you against scammers acting as real casinos. The first thing you need to do before playing for real cash is make sure beyond any doubt that the site you registered for is legitimate. An easy way to do this is only play at the sites we have already vetted and checked out for you. We ensure that each of these sites has top security measures so your info won't be stolen, and that they are legitimate online gambling businesses.

If you have withdrawal issues on a legitimate gambling online site, there are a few possible explanations. Most cases end up being delays due to security checks. It is not unusual for security verification to take up to 2 weeks before your withdrawal shows up in your bank account. Casinos have to verify that you are who you said you are when you signed up, this is why it is so important to use the correct information that matches your ID. They may ask for you to send a scanned copy of your identification in order to resolve the issue.

Legitimate gambling sites will always have a good reason for delaying withdrawals. All you need to do is contact customer service to find out what is going on. If they confirm that the deposit has been made but you still don't see the money, contact your bank. Banks also have verification and security checks they must comply with, and these can sometimes add a week to the process. If you have been waiting over a month, it is definitely time to contact customer service and find a solution.

If you ever do end up at a scam casino, it can be very expensive and a long legal process to get your money. Make sure to protect yourself ahead of time by only choosing the top trusted casino sites.

Cash out Limits, or You Can Only Cash out So Much per Week: A lot of the time, gambling online sites impose withdrawal limits on their customers in order to prevent cheating and fraud and as an added security measure for your winnings. These limits usually come to around $2,000 each week. This means that, unless you win a jackpot or progressive wins, you can only take out $2,000 in real cash each week. This is usually not a huge problem, but if it is for you, you can contact customer service and see if you may be able to have your withdrawal limit increased or removed. This is usually possibly for long time players or VIP club members.

Slow Deposits, or You Have Been Waiting Days/Weeks for Your Money: It is not uncommon for you to experience slow deposits at an online gambling site. This is due to the same security measures that must take place when you are withdrawing money. Both the bank and the casino must ensure that you are who you say you are and that the money you are depositing is real and not counterfeit or won by cheating. Even the highest rollers on any online casino have to follow these same security procedures.

Deposits through MasterCard usually happen instantly, but if you have any issues you can always contact customer service and they will be more than happy to help you. They want you to be able to deposit money and start gambling quickly just as bad as you do!

That said, if you are experiencing long delays over and over again, the site you are at is probably not worth the hassle. There are plenty of great MasterCard online gambling sites on our list that have all been verified for fast and easy banking. Don't let slow banking ruin your online casino experiences. Choose one of our vetted sites and you can quickly start earning real money today!

Low Deposit Limits, or You Can't Deposit as Much as You Want: Deposit limits work in much the same way as withdrawal limits. They are imposed either by the bank or by the casino. Banks often place limits on purchases because this is an easy way to prevent credit card fraud. All you have to do is call your bank and explain the situation to them, tell them the amount you want to deposit and the name of the casino and they should be able to increase or remove the limit. If the limit is from the casino, you can either make a number of smaller deposits (sometimes this must be done over a few days) or you can contact them to increase the limit as well. Usually limits are between $1,000 and $5,000, with $2,000 being the most common.

There you have it, all of the most common problems in casino banking and the easy solutions to fix them. Hopefully this guide has been helpful for you and will give you the confidence you need to start gambling online for real money. Check out our list of the best MasterCard gambling online sites out there to guarantee easy and fast banking, top security measures and excellent customer service.

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Can I use MasterCard for gambling?

You can easily make use of MasterCard for gambling online.

How fast are the transactions?

Transactions with a MasterCard are usually completed in just days. Deposits tend to take a day or less and withdrawals can be completed in just a few days.

What fees are involved?

Using a MasterCard for online gambling doesn't come with many fees. There are occasionally fees on withdrawal, but rarely fees during a deposit.

How does it compare with other credit options?

MasterCard is widely accepted at most online casinos and can be relied upon as a payment method. It's often accepted at the same places that Visa is.

Is it safe to use?

MasterCard is safe and simple to use. It's a protected type of card and helps the user avoid unauthorized charges.

Is it recommended?

MasterCard is a recommended payment method because it's simple to use, widely accepted and a relatively safe method.