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POli Deposit And Play

When it comes to finding the right online casino, one important consideration is the payment options that are available. One of the more common options that you will find is POLi payment for casino games. POLi is an Australia-based online payment service that can be perfect for a number of online transactions.

On our site, we understand the concerns that New Zealanders have in regard to finding the right payment method. If you want to use POLi deposits at casino sites, then we have a list of places where you can gamble online and use POLi as your preferred payment method.

  • POLi is one of the top online payment methods for online gambling
  • It is safe, secure and easy to use
  • Find sites that use POLi by reading our reviews
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"With this payment method, New Zealanders have a hassle-free option for making deposits at their favourite online casinos."

Why POLi?

One of the main reasons to use POLi is that it is convenient. It is essentially an online debit service similar to Instadebit and PayPal where you can add money and can transfer it to a site for online purchases. In the case of an online casino, you would transfer the money to the account that you have with the site.

Another point is that POLi is free to use. You do not have to pay any processing fees or surcharges for your transactions. This lack of regular fees is one of the reasons that POLi is so popular in the online gambling community.

Additionally, the POLi online casino software can work across platforms and devices and even on mobile casinos. It works on different browsers and it comes with a high level of security. It?s a very reliable service, and the transactions are quick.

POLi is also great because it works with a number of the top banks that operate out of New Zealand. You can use POLi with Bank of New Zealand, Bank Direct, ASB, ANZ, TSB, KiwiBank and Westpac.

Benefits and Features of POLi

POLi online gambling is attractive to New Zealanders for a number of reasons. It has become the choice for many in the online gambling world because it offers speedy transactions, secure payments and a good level of privacy for the online gamer.

When an online gambling site accepts POLi, it works as a service to facilitate transactions between the casino and banks. You do not have to provide any details, so it keeps your information safe and private. The user just selects POLi as their payment method, then they log in with their internet bank account. The money gets deposited in the online gambling account, and everything is safe and secure.

POLi is also very simple, convenient and fast. You do not need an account to use POLi. The only thing that you need is an internet bank account. The system performs the transactions quickly and you can be placing bets or shopping in no time.

How to Set Up POLi

Part of what makes POLi online gambling so popular is the simplicity. With POLi, the user does not even need to set up an account or register for the service. It is simply a means of facilitating financial transactions over the internet.

To make a POLi deposit at casino sites, you would go to your banking options as you would with any other payment method. From the menu of payment options, you would select POLi as your preferred method and enter the amount that you wish to deposit. After you click to proceed, a screen will come up for you to log in with your internet banking account. You select the bank that you use and provide your login details, then select confirm. The money is automatically deposited to your account and you are provided with a receipt.

It is that simple, and all of your banking details are safe because you are not providing them to POLi and you are not providing them to the online casino. With this payment method, New Zealanders have a hassle-free option for making deposits at their favourite online casinos.


For many of New Zealand?s gamblers, POLi will be the go to method for all of their transactions. It is quick and easy to use, plus it offers the peace of mind that comes with increased security and privacy. When you check our recommendations, you can find all of the best sites and top casino games that accept POLi as a payment method.

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What is POLi?

POLi is an epayment system based out of Australia. They offer their services in a number of countries, and several banks and online services work with the POLi system.

How does it work?

The POLi system works by interfacing directly with the bank and the online service with which you are doing the transaction. You don?t even need an account with POLi; they just take the money from the bank account and transfer it to the online casino.

Will POLi accept online casino transactions?

Yes. POLi works with a number of online casinos. Just look for the POLi logo listed among your payment options.

Is it safe to use POLi?

POLi is a safe payment provider. Part of what helps to make it so safe is the fact that you do not have to set up an account. With POLi, there are no account details that can be hacked or stolen.

Are POLi transactions fast?

POLi transactions are very fast. Usually, it takes as long as it would for a regular credit card transaction.

Does POLi compare well to other providers?

Considering that there are no fees, the transactions are fast, and you have a good level of security, POLi compares quite well to your other options.

Are there any fees?

POLi does not charge any fees for transactions. However, some casinos do charge fees for withdrawals through POLi.