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NRL Betting

The National Rugby League has devoted fans in both Australia and New Zealand. Fans from both countries look forward to the fun and excitement of watching their favourite teams compete. In addition to enjoying the sport for its competition and entertainment, there are plenty of fans who love to bet on the action.

With online gambling, there are a number of sites that offer NRL betting for all of the most popular events. Our team has taken the time to investigate and review all of the best sites for gambling on the NRL, and we have listed them all in one convenient location. While there are a few great sites for rugby fans to bet on, we found that the best site for NRL betting is Spin Casino.

  • The NRL offers a lot of opportunities for betting
  • Fans can bet on all of the top games when they go online
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"With the popularity of the NRL and online gambling, there is no shortage of sites that will take wagers on the National Rugby League."

National Rugby League and its history

The National Rugby League has a bit of a tangled history. Some of the teams can trace their history back to 1908, with the inception of the New South Wales Rugby League, and some of the others are much newer. The NRL itself was formed in 1998, as part of an agreement to combine the Australian Rugby League with the News Corp owned Super League.

During the 1990s, the two leagues competed for players, sponsors and fans. As the competition caused financial difficulties on both sides of the divide, a merger was negotiated and the NRL was formed. In this, many of the top teams did make the new NRL, but some were shut down, and some others merged to form new teams.

With the merger of the two leagues, you had all of the best players and teams competing, and the league saw an increase in popularity and ratings. In 2012, the Australian Rugby League Commission was formed, and the newly formed commission replaced the ARL/News Limited partnership as the controlling body of the NRL.

A look at the big games

As a fan of the NRL, there are plenty of big matches to look forward to. Whether you just enjoy the fun of watching your favourite team with some friends or you choose to turn up the excitement with some NRL betting, there is a lot of great action.

Of course, you have the 26 weeks of the regular season, with plenty of big matches to bet on. You have all of the big rivalry cup games that always get the attention of fans, and then when the season is done, you have the finals series. With the eight best teams competing to see who gets to play in the Grand Finals, there sure to be some big matches.

Beyond that, fans and bettors can also look forward to events like the Auckland Nines, the All Stars Match and the World Club Series.

The bets you can make

With the growth of online sports betting, fans have a lot of options for online NRL gambling. If you are looking to bet on the NRL, you will find a nice selection of betting opportunities.

As one of the more common options for betting on the National Rugby League, you have the head-to-head bets. This is a simple bet where you pick the team that you think is going to win. As the teams are unlikely to be equal, there will be different odds set on the different match ups.

Another common type of NRL betting is taking the line or the spread. With the line bets, the team that is seen as the likely winner will be handicapped by a certain number of points. For a bet to win on the team that is handicapped, they must win by more points than the spread.

In the past, these were the only options that you had for betting on the NRL, but with internet gambling, you can often find more opportunities. You can bet on different player actions, the player or team that will be the first to score, and more.

What makes a good NRL betting site?

With the popularity of the NRL and online gambling, there is no shortage of sites that will take wagers on the National Rugby League and the Rugby Union. That said, some sites are better than others, and you will want to do some homework before you make a selection.

The first point that you want to look into is the overall experience for online NRL gambling. You want to find a site that is easy to navigate and one that performs well. Look at whether the lines are regularly updated, consider how fast they name the winners of the match, and look at the overall number of betting options that they have for the NRL.

Additionally, you want to consider customer support and banking. A good online gambling site will have support that is responsive and helpful, and they should offer a number of banking options for the convenience of the bettors.


With the online sportsbooks, you can bet on all of the NRL action in a safe environment. However, you do need to find the right site for your betting. To help you do so, our team has compiled a list of the top sites for betting on the National Rugby League.

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How can I bet on the NRL?

Find a good site that takes bets on the NRL and start an account.

How do the odds affect betting?

The odds are basically a representation of what is seen as the likely outcome. When the odds are against a bet, the payout will be higher. The one thing to understand is that the odds may be represented in different ways on different sites.

What is a betting line?

A line bet is where one team is handicapped. Essentially, the team that is favoured to win will be handicapped by a number of points to make the odds even.

Which games are available for betting?

For the most part, you should be able to bet on any NRL game.

Can I watch the games online?

Fans can find online streaming services that do provide live access to games.

Can betting on the NRL be profitable?

As long as you are playing at a reputable site and you bet wisely, it is possible to make some money.

How does betting on the NRL compare to other leagues?

As the most popular rugby league in the region, it has a lot of fans, and bettors can find opportunities that compare well with other competitions.