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Football Betting

Football is a game that is loved throughout the world, and New Zealand is no exception. With the different national leagues and the international competitions, there are plenty of opportunities for fans of the sport. For some, it is just about enjoying the action with their friends, but for many, there is nothing like the excitement that comes with football betting.

If you are a New Zealander that wants to bet on football, then online gambling can be the perfect solution. Our site is designed to help people that are interested in football online betting by providing them with all of the information that they need about the different sites. We have full reviews and ratings, so you can learn everything that you need right here.

  • The popularity of football makes for some exciting opportunities to bet
  • Gamblers in New Zealand have a number of sites that will take their football wagers
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Top Sites In New Zealand


"The popularity of football has led to there being a great number of betting options available."

Football and its history in NZ

Association football has its history in a game played in England?s public schools during the 19th century. The popularity of the game in England helped its spread throughout the English-speaking world, and this includes New Zealand.

New Zealand Football, also known as the NZF, was founded in 1891 as the New Zealand Soccer Association. It later became affiliated with FIFA in 1948, and it underwent the name change to New Zealand Football in 2007.

In New Zealand, there are several national football federations and the country has a national team for men?s and women?s association football. The men?s national team goes by the name the All Whites and the women?s team is the Football Ferns.

Big Games

For New Zealand football, fans have a number of games that they can enjoy or place bets on. You have all of the action from many of the semi-professional leagues throughout the country, then you have some great action that can be found when the national team enters competition as well as the AFL.

There are competitions like the ASB Premiership and the women?s Futbal National League for in-country play, then you can cheer on the All Whites or the Football Ferns when they represent New Zealand in international competitions.

It is always exciting to see the team representing the country in the Oceania Football Confederation Championship, and the fans get excited when they make it to the World Cup. In addition to that, you also have the fun rivalry games that occur when the All Whites meet up against Australia in international competition.

The bets you can make

The popularity of football has led to there being a great number of betting options available. While some of the more complex betting strategies can be fun and interesting, for new bettors, it is probably best to keep it simple when you start out with football gambling online.

Some of the more common and simpler options that are available are the different head-to-head bets on a single match. You can simply pick the team that will win, or you can bet with the line for a wager where one of the teams is handicapped by a few goals.

Another fun option can be to bet on the team that will win an entire tournament. At the beginning, you can pick your favourite team or the team that you think will win. If they win it all, the reward can be a nice payout.

In addition to these options, football online betting may provide opportunities to bet on things like different player stats, the team that will score the first goal, the team that will be leading at the half, the total number of goals scored in a game, and much more. It all depends on the online gambling site that you choose.

What makes a good football betting site?

New Zealand gamblers have a great selection of online gambling sites where they can place their football bets. The variety is nice, but some of the sites may not be that good. To find the right site for your online football betting and for other sports betting types like horseracing or greyhound races, you need to know what to look for.

One of the most important things is finding a site that is trustworthy. You want to make sure that your online gambling site is regulated and that they have a good reputation. If a site seems a little sketchy, it is probably not a good idea to put your money out.

The site experience is another important factor. Check out the onscreen interface, how easy it is to navigate the site, and see how well it performs for placing bets. You also want to see the different football betting options that they provide.

Lastly, as a New Zealand gambler, you will want to consider things like security and customer service. Any good gambling site should offer information about the security features that they employ and they should have a number of options for contacting the support team.


Football betting is a popular pastime, and with online gambling, you have some of the best options for placing bets. With our site, you can find all of the ratings and reviews that you will need to find the best sites for real money betting on football from New Zealand.

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Is football betting popular?

Football betting is in demand all over the world.

Is football betting legal?

Yes. Online football betting is legal.

What games and tournaments are available for betting?

You can bet on many of the popular local competitions, and the international games are always available for bets.

How do odds affect betting?

The odds are used to indicate which team is seen as more likely to win. The team that is favoured will offer a smaller payout on a bet.

How are the odds calculated?

Determining the odds is a complicated process and several factors will go into making the exact odds for a bet. Professional odds makers have basically gotten it down to a science when it comes to figuring out which team is favoured and by how much.

What is a line bet?

When you bet on the line, you are placing a bet where the favoured team is handicapped by a number of goals. The odds makers do this so there can be even betting odds on the given match.

Is there a betting system that works?

There is no guaranteed betting system that is going to bring definite success. However, with betting experience and careful study of the sport, you can develop a system that will increase your chances for success.

Can football betting make money?

It certainly can, but you do need to place your bets carefully and it always helps to bet with a reputable site.