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The Best Mac Casinos - New Zealand

Mac Online Gambling

Online gambling in NZ can be a challenge for anyone using a Mac. Online gambling sites tend be more geared towards PC users. Apple products were ignored for years by developers, so there are fewer real money casinos available to their users.

These days, Macs are more popular than ever in NZ and the top of the line real cash gambling oonline sites are booming! We have listed out the many advantages of sites geared towards a Mac. As a Mac user, you won?t have to worry about finding the best online casino because our review team has done it for you! Online gambling can be even better on these products, read on to find:

  • Good graphics and high-quality games
  • Widely supported by both desktop and mobile devices
  • Top welcome bonuses on offer for players on Mac
Top Sites In New Zealand


Advantages of Playing on a Mac in New Zealand

Most online casinos today support Mac computers just fine.

Apple game quality is decidedly superior to PCs, giving the 15% of New Zealand users who play real cash casinos on a Mac a steep advantage. The graphics are much better on an Apple computer, and top-quality graphics make for much more realistic, exciting and fun gameplay. With the best graphics, it feels like you are in person at one of the manyNZ land casinos!

Not only that, the customer service is definitely best on real cash sites that specialize in NZ users using a Mac. Online gambling sites cater to their users, and reach cash casinos geared towards Apple users have fewer users. This means the top sites only have a few hundred Kiwi players at any given moment, not the tens of thousands of users you see in a typical real money online gambling site.

Fewer users ensures only the best, most personalized attention from customer service. We found the top of the line real cash New Zealand gambling online casinos with the best customer service out there, guaranteed.

Instant Play vs Download on Apple Products

Most real money rooms have the option of downloading the online casino software, or playing the best games online directly from your browser. On Apple computers ?Instant Play? is usually best, but we did scour the top Apple sites to find those with the best download options for NZ Mac users. Keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of both when choosing Instant Play vs Download:

Instant Play

  • It only takes one click to play!
  • No need to save software to your computer means less risk for malware.
  • This is the easiest option for New Zealand�Mac users.
  • Flash and Java based real cash games have great graphics.
  • A large number of online casino games are available.
  • Works on an iPad or iPhone
  • It is super convenient and user friendly - just register and start winning real money!
  • Great for trying out new games and the best new real money sites in NZ.


  • The complete real cash casino game package is available right at your fingertips.
  • Many times, you can play with real life NZ dealers.
  • Many sites require a workaround for Mac users to download (see below).
  • Access a full online casino lobby right from your desktop.
  • You can download games on demand to save hard drive space.
  • Download games often play faster because your computer, not your internet connection, does all the hard work processing graphics.
  • Great for serious, long term NZ players.

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Both instant play and downloaded software can be used to experience casino content on a Mac.

There are plenty of workarounds available if you want to play the best Windows based Casino games on an Apple computer in NZ.

  • Run a Mac Desktop Client.
  • Use Boot Camp, a program that lets you run a Windows computer right on your Apple OS. The disadvantage is you have to restart to switch between the two.
  • Parallels Desktop takes the idea one step further. You can run Mac and Windows desktops side by side on the same computer, without having to reboot.
  • VW Fusion is one more option. It is similar to Parallels, but cheaper and so easy to use for Mac online gambling.
  • ? Or, you can play directly at an online casino! We found the best Apple-friendly instant play casinos out there, so check them out and start playing today!

Also keep in mind the security and safety of your information while gambling online Mac computers. The top Apple casinos that we found are extremely serious about their customers' security. This goes right along with the great customer service they offer to NZ Apple users. Virus infections on Mac casinos are virtually non-existent, because their programs come pre-installed. You have practically no chance of downloading a virus or malware from any of the best sites that we found.

We Found the Best Gambling Online Mac Sites

Choice of games: We found the best top-level online gambling Mac sites with the best selection of games around. You will find all the classics in these Kiwi casinos - slots, card games, roulette, real cash sports betting, even modern games like Bejewelled.

Device compatibility: These top Mac online gambling sites have been formatted to guarantee compatibility with any Apple products. Whether you have a MacBook, Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad, you can play at these real money online casinos.

Customer support and security: The online gambling Mac pages we found in NZ have excellent track records and have been around for years with happy customers. They have great service because they are not catering to thousands of users every day. You can count on around the clock support from these top gambling online Mac pages.

Above all, we have provided a list of the greatest Mac online gambling real money websites in New Zealand. Each gambling online casino has something different to offer but they all excel in overall quality for Kiwi Apple users. These rooms are the cream of the crop when it comes to real money bonuses, fair game play, customer service, and realistic graphics. Take a look at our list of real cash sites for online gambling. Mac users should definitely try them out, we are sure you will agree they are the best!

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Are gambling sites and games Mac compatible?

Most gambling sites today are Mac compatible and designed to make it easy to start playing with a Mac.

How do I begin?

To begin playing with your Mac you make an account and then download the software or play right in the web browser. It?s simple to start playing and you can do so in a few hours including the initial deposit.

What are the best games?

The best games are whatever you like the play. If you are looking for a game with the best odds table games offer better odds than slots or pokies if you know how to play them properly.

Do I need to download software?

You do not need to download software and many casinos are playable right through your web browser.

How does it compare with other platforms?

Compared to Windows machines or mobile machines Mac devices are easy to use and offer excellent graphics. They are good for online gambling, though not quite as widely accepted as Windows machines are.

Can I still get a good bonus?

You can get a top bonus at most online casinos regardless of the platform that you?re using to play at it.

Is it safe?

Mac devices are safe to play on and can be relied upon when playing at a secure casino, just like most other devices.