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Gambling Online with PayPal in New Zealand

PayPal Online Banking

If you are ready to start winning real cash by gambling online, PayPal is by far the best, quickest and easiest method in NZ for depositing your money and withdrawing your winnings. New Zealand payments don't get any easier than instantly transferring money from your e-wallet to a casino account. On this page we are going to go over the basics of how to use an e-wallet for online gambling. PayPal is the top e-wallet worldwide in popularity, due to their great customer service, ease of use and trustworthiness. Read on to learn more about how you can use PayPal to start winning real money today, and experience the following perks:

  • Simple to use
  • Helps protect your finances
  • Fast payments
  • Accepted at many locations
  • Low fees involved
  • Quick withdrawals
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Why to Use an E-Wallet like Paypal

PayPal offers one of the fastest deposit and withdrawal times for online gambling.

E-wallets are extremely popular in the real money online gambling world. This is because the processing speeds are so high and the fees are relatively low. E-wallets come with great customer service, too. When you are gambling online, PayPal is the best thing to use to play for real cash at a casino, sports book or poker room, because you can deposit and withdraw your money instantly.

Using an e-wallet, there is no delay for verification, no waiting on the bank, or anything along those lines. The money transfer is immediate, reducing hassle and wasted time. At all of the top NZ online casinos, PayPal is the number one choice for customers looking to win real money fast. When you are online gambling in New Zealand, payments could not be any easier!

In New Zealand, it is completely legal to use PayPal for gambling. You just need to make sure that your account is set up to receive international payments, because NZ does not allow online casinos inside of the country. That means that any gambling site you access is going to be hosted internationally. The best sites will typically pay you in NZ dollars but it is still best to be thorough and check. You don't want to run into any issues when you try to withdraw because you did not have your account set up correctly. The company's customer service is very familiar with online gambling. PayPal's help centre can definitely help you out if you run into any issues.

Real cash bonuses are one of the coolest features of using an e-wallet at online casinos. PayPal customers might be offered bonuses like a free additional 20 percent real cash deposit on top of what you add to your casino account. When it comes to New Zealand payments, online casinos prefer e-wallets because they are much easier for them to use as well. They do not have to go through any complicated verification or security procedures, which saves them lots of time and money.

Quick Guide to Using PayPal

  • Create an account
  • Connect the account to your bank
  • Deposit money into PayPal
  • Sign up and complete your casino deposit using PayPal

How to Use an E-Wallet like PayPal

Signing up for PayPal is extremely simple. PayPal acts as an intermediary between you and your bank, meaning you can transfer funds from your bank into PayPal in order to easily and securely use that real money online without needing a credit or debit card.

To sign up for an account, just go to their website and click "Sign Up". Enter your contact and security information, then you will be able to connect your bank account. You will need to enter your routing and account numbers. Then, to verify the account, PayPal will deposit two small deposits into your bank. You will need to wait 2-3 days for the deposits to show up, then enter the amounts on your account's verification page. Once you confirm the amounts, your account is verified and ready to go! You can start playing at any online casino in New Zealand. Payments will go through the casino's internal account system.

Funding your account is simple. All you need to do is log in, go to "My Account" and select "Add Money". Then you can select your bank account and instantly transfer money into your account. You can even hook up multiple checking and savings accounts if you want to.

The only disadvantage to top e-wallets like PayPal is the fees. When you send money using an e-wallet, it is free. However, when you accept money and transfer it into your bank account, there is a fee. The fee is usually very low though, only 1 or 2 percent of the total amount. This is not enough to be a hassle when you consider the fact that the transfer happens instantly. When you pay using other methods, withdrawals can sometimes take weeks to clear. Luckily, online casinos do not charge any fees in order to use these sites. The only time you have to pay is when you transfer your balance back into your bank account.

In all Kiwi gambling online sites, PayPal should be listed as a payment option when you sign up for a real cash account. Make sure that when you sign up that you use your real information. Even if you start out with a free account just to try out the site, when you decide that you want to start playing for real cash you need to have correct and verifiable information on your account. Otherwise, you might not be able to withdraw your real money winnings.

When online gambling, PayPal accounts show your real name. If this does not match the info on your casino account, that is going to look very suspicious to them. It is better to be safe than sorry, so always make sure you use your real name when gambling online. PayPal is extremely secure, so your information is always safe.

Potential Issues with Payments in NZ, and Solutions

PayPal can help protect a gambler's finances by keeping bank accounts shielded from the casinos they are being used at.

Paypal is one of the top sites out there for ease of use and safety, but you still may have a few issues when gambling online for real money. Here is a list of the most common issues, and how to solve them:

Problems with Withdrawals, and not Being Able the Cash Out: YOnline casinos are highly vigilant when it comes to player activity, and this can mean hold ups at the cashier if they think there is an issue with how you have played or used a bonus amount. 9 times out of 10 they get it right and only stop those fraudulent players, but if you find your payments are being delayed a quick chat with customer support will soon clear up any misunderstandings.

It's important to make sure the casino you choose is one recommended by review sites, as there are some rogue operators out there who use the above tactics to avoid payout out to the genuine winners. So stick with the reviewed casinos.

Cash out Limits, or You Can Only Cash out So Much per Week: Many sites have withdrawal limits of about $2,000 per week. If your real cash winnings exceed the limit, you will be paid in weekly increments. This is standard procedure and unfortunately cannot be changed if it is listed on the site's rules. If you are planning on winning a lot of real money and don't want to deal with limits, just make sure to check the site's rules before you start playing. At most sites, if you win a jackpot or progressive win, you probably won't be subject to these restrictions.

Low Deposit Limits, or You Can't Deposit as Much as You Want: Just like they have pay-out limits, many sites have limits on how much you can deposit at a certain time when online gambling. Debit and credit cards may have their own limits as well, it depends on the bank. Usually the casinos set limits between $1-2,000, and you can get around it by making more than one deposit in a row. This can be time consuming and irritating, but it is done for security purposes. A few casinos may be able to raise their deposit limits if you email them asking for a specific favour. The limits are in place for the general public, but if you are a regular customer or a high roller they will usually be happy to make your life easier.

Now that you know all that you need to know about using PayPal to gamble online, you are ready to go hit the tables! We put together this guide so that you can take full advantage of the ease and speed of the best e-wallet services when gambling online in New Zealand. Check out our list of the top rated PayPal online gambling sites to start playing today. We tested each individual site on a strict rubric of fairness, security, game options and graphics to ensure that wherever you play, the experience is top of the line.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is an electronic payment service known as an e-wallet. It's highly popular around the world.

How does it work?

PayPal works by allowing you to transfer money from your bank account into an electronic account. Once in your electronic account you can move it to a new location such as an online casino to complete your deposit. After you win you can transfer money back out to that electronic account and then back to your bank.

Do they allow gambling payments?

PayPal does allow gambling payments, and is a very fast and simple process at the casino cashier.

How fast are transactions?

Transactions with PayPal are very fast, deposits can be completed in hours and withdrawals usually a day or two.

How do they compare with similar options?

PayPal is one of the fastest options available and tends to be slightly faster than similar electronic options and much faster than cards.

Can I use NZD?

PayPal does support NZD, making it easy to rely on the currency to play at different casinos around the Internet.

Do I have to pay any fees?

Typically the casino will have to pay minor fees when you transfer money to make your deposit. It's possible a small amount of those fees will be passed on to you during the deposit or when you withdraw money later.

Is it safe to use?

PayPal is a safe and reliable service that will help you protect your money when making online purchases.