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Gambling Online With Maestro in NZ

Gambling Online Maestro

Are you a Maestro debit card user looking to win some real cash by gambling online? Luckily for you, Maestro is one of the fastest, easiest and most hassle free ways of making deposits at online casinos, as well as withdrawing your winnings. Start playing at a Maestro online gambling site today, and make the most of the benefits aimed at players depositing with their Maestro card. Kiwi players are often concerned about safety and security of their financial information when gambling online, and rightfully so. The best way to ensure your information's safe is to only play at verified and vetted sites, like the ones in our lists of the top NZ casinos. These sites take the best security measures to ensure that your financial data is never shared or stolen. Our review team has found that the best site that accepts Maestro is Spin Casino. Payments are easy and quick with Maestro, so we have put together this quick guide to help you get started and teach you how to use your Maestro card online. Start depositing with you Maestro card to enjoy:

  • Secure payment method
  • Simple to use
  • Fast deposit and withdrawals
  • Accepted where MasterCard is accepted
  • Doesn?t require another account setup
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How Real Money Deposits Work in New Zealand

Maestro cards are accepted at most locations that accept MasterCards.

Signing up for a real money gambling site is easy. Often times, Kiwi users will first sign up for a free account in order to try out a new casino site. If you provided your real name and address in your free account, you can easily transfer this into a paid account. All you need to do is make an initial deposit and you can start playing for real money. If you did not use your real information when you signed up for a free account, it is best for you to create a brand new account in order to play for real money. If your name and address cannot be verified, you will not be able to make withdrawals or it will be a very long and frustrating process to verify your identity.

When you are ready to start playing for real money, making your first deposit is incredibly easy. Just use your Maestro debit card number and your real name and address, and you can deposit as much as you need into your online casino account in order to start gambling and winning cash prizes!

Potential Maestro Issues

  • Declines due to insufficient funds
  • Slow withdrawals
  • Deposit limits
  • Withdrawal limits
  • Lengthy verification process at some locations

How Real Money Deposits Work in New Zealand

If you?re looking for a simple way to deposit and withdraw money a Maestro card is an excellent option.

Although online gambling usually runs very smoothly, especially at our verified and vetted top sites, there are sometimes a few small issues that can occur. They are usually the same as you will run into when purchasing things in the real world or gambling at a land casino, and the solutions are easy. If you run into any of these problems, try our tips below and you should be back on the road to winning real cash prizes in no time!

Declined Card or Card Not Accepted: A common problem that NZ gamblers may come across is having their card declined. The most common reason for a card decline is insufficient funds. Just like if you try to buy something with not enough money in your account, if you try to add money to your casino account you need to first make sure you have enough cash in your Maestro account.

If you are sure that your card has the money in it but you still get declined, the next step is to double check your billing information. Online gambling sites are really strict with their security measures when it comes to payments, so any small typo could mean you are declined. The address needs to match the one you used when you signed up for the site.

Something else you can try is depositing a smaller amount than the initial attempt you made at your gambling online website. Maestro might have a limit on your account for maximum purchase amounts in order to protect against fraud. Smaller deposit amounts let you get around this formality. You can also call Maestro to get the hold lifted if you wish.

Withdrawal Issues, or Unable to Cash Out: Withdrawal problems are among the most frustrating issue that you can come across. You have spent all of this time playing and earning real cash prizes, only to find out that you can?t get the cash as soon as you would like. Beware of scammers who try to pose as legitimate gambling sites and make sure you always go with sites that have been vetted, like those on our top lists for online gambling sites in NZ, or you could end up with a long and expensive legal battle for your winnings.

At a legitimate site, you can expect customer service to give you an easy explanation for any delays. Most of the time, the issue is just a security check and it will resolve itself. Some sites require you to submit a photo ID in order to verify your identity before letting you make withdrawals. You may also need to provide proof of address, copies of your Maestro card and a faxback form with your signature.

You can also run into trouble if you are suspected of cheating. Online casinos work the same as brick and mortar casinos in this way, they watch you like a hawk and can identify any behaviour patterns that look like cheating. They will put a hold on your account until you are able to explain your actions and show them that you were not cheating. Just contact customer service to work out a solution and they are happy to help you out.

Cash out Limits, or You Can Only Cash out So Much per Week: Some top gambling online sites have withdrawal limits that place a set amount of money that you can withdraw per week. The average amount is around $2,000 per week. This is standard procedure for many casinos, so if you want to avoid this policy make sure to read through the site's rules before joining. If your winnings come from a jackpot, you can usually be paid out in a lump sum, but otherwise if your winnings exceed the limit you will be paid out in weekly increments.

Slow Deposits, or You Have Been Waiting Days/Weeks for Your Money: Making deposits at an online casino has never been easier than with a Maestro debit card. Online gambling site deposits usually show up instantly to allow you to start betting right away. Unfortunately, withdrawals can sometimes have long delays due to security checks. This is especially true for first time users on a new site. The verification process usually takes approximately 5 business days, and then an additional 10 days for the casino to process your request. A wait time of 2 weeks is considered

If your wait is longer than 2 weeks and the casino tells you that they already made the deposit, the hold up may be with your bank. Banks also go through verification processes that can last up to 5 days to ensure that the money being transferred is real and not fraudulent.

If your wait is longer than 2 weeks and the casino tells you that they already made the deposit, the hold-up may be with your bank. Banks also go through verification processes that can last up to 5 days to ensure that the money being transferred is real and not fraudulent.

Low Deposit Limits, or You Can?t Deposit as Much as You Want: Deposits sometimes have limits in the same way as casinos sometimes have withdrawal limits. Usually these are imposed by the bank but some casinos have them as well. Casinos usually have limits of about $1,000 to $2,000, and banks may have limits of up to $5,000. If you have trouble with this and are unable to make multiple small deposits, try contacting customer care to have the limits increased or removed.

Now you are ready to go out and start winning real cash by gambling at online casinos with your Maestro card! We hope this has been a helpful guide in how to use your Maestro debit card and how to troubleshoot potential issues. Check out our list of the best Maestro gambling online sites for players in New Zealand and enjoy your gambling worry-free!

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Can I use Maestro for gambling?

Yes you can use Maestro for gambling and it?s one of the preferred methods to get the job done.

How quick are transactions?

Deposits can happen as fast as a few hours after making them and withdrawals tend to take a few days. There is a verification process though that takes a few days, so get your card early.

What fees are involved?

The only fee that you should have to deal with is a small one each time that you load more money onto your card.

How does it compare with other debit cards?

The main benefit of a Maestro card is that you load money onto it and it?s not connected to your bank account. It?s a bit more work to load money to it, but you keep your financial account separate from your gambling with it.

Is it safe to use?

A Maestro card is a good way to protect your finances by only making your gambling money accessible to casinos.

Is it recommended?

It?s a highly recommended way to protect your money and to make gambling online quick and convenient to do. You might end up paying a bit more in fees with this method depending on how often you load more money to the card though.