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Greyhound Betting

Similar to horseracing, greyhound racing is a popular activity among fans of sport and gamblers. The fast dogs race around the track, and gamblers can place a variety of different bets. Though it is not quite as common as it once was, greyhound racing does still take in a good number of bets.

Greyhound racing is practiced in many countries around the world, including New Zealand. To bet on greyhounds online, New Zealand gamblers do have a good number of sites from which to choose. With our site, we scout the top services for greyhound gambling online, and we have made a list for the user?s easy reference.

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"Regardless of where dog racing has been found, gambling has always been a major part of the activity."

Greyhound racing and its history

The greyhound racing that we know today finds its history in the sport of coursing. In coursing, different sighthounds would chase a live hare. In essence, it is a sport to test the hunting prowess of the dog. While modern variations of coursing can still be found in some countries, the type of racing that is most common today is track racing.

The track racing that is common today started its evolution in Britain and the United States in the late 19th century into the early 20th century. The dogs were put on oval or circular tracks, and they chase a lure toward the finish line. Regardless of where dog racing has been found, greyhound racing has always been a sports betting favourite.

A look at the types of racing

In greyhound racing, there are two basic types of competition. More commonly, you will find track racing, but you also have coursing. As mentioned above, coursing is where the origins of greyhound racing started.

In early coursing, the dogs would chase a game animal. For most modern coursing, the dogs would chase a hare or a mechanical lure. Depending on where you go, the rules may vary and the number of dogs engaged in the chase may differ. In early coursing, the idea was for the dogs to catch the hare but now, the dogs are usually judged on factors like the closeness with which the follow the game and their ability to turn the game animal.

With the more common track racing, the animals race on an oval or circular track. A mechanical lure goes along the track, and the dogs follow until they reach the finish line. While competitive coursing is illegal in many countries, track racing is popular and legal in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The bets you can make

You have several different types of bets that you can make for online greyhound gambling. If you are familiar with betting on horseracing, then you will probably recognise many of the options that you have.

Win bets

A win bet is simply a bet placed on the winning dog.

Place bets

Picking a dog to place is a bet that the dog will finish in one of the top three spots.


An eachway is a bet where you bet the same dog to win and place.


With a trifecta, you are picking the first three dogs to finish. You can box the trifecta to win with the dogs in any order, or you could bet a standout trifecta to pick the exact order of their finish.


This is a bet to select the two dogs that will finish first and second.


The exacta is similar to the quinella, in that you have to select the first two dogs to finish, but with the exacta, you must pick the finishing order.


The duet is a bet to pick two of the dogs that will place in the race. Generally, these bets are restricted to races that have a full field of runners.


With doubles, the bettor is picking the winners in two separate races at the same event.


A trebles bet is where the bettor selects the winner in three straight races.

First Four

A first four bet is where you pick the first four runners to finish the race. This can be boxed or the bettor can choose to bet the exact finishing order.

What makes a good greyhounds betting site?

In finding a good site for online greyhound gambling, there are several factors that you can look for. Many of the top online gambling sites for other sports will also provide support for events in greyhound racing, so they can also be a good place to start.

The first point to look for in an online gambling site for greyhounds is that it has a wide selection of betting options for the sport. After that, you want to see that the site is technically sound and easy to navigate. Additionally, you want to consider whether the site has good customer support and a variety of options for banking.


Betting on greyhounds can be a fun way to enjoy the sport, and it can also bring in a little money if you do it well. Our team has reviewed several online sportsbooks that offer greyhound and horserace betting and we have compiled a list of the best sites to bet greyhounds online. Follow our recommendations and read our reviews to learn more.


How does the betting work?

Find a sportsbook that accepts action on greyhound racing and study the odds to place bets.

Is there online betting for greyhounds?

Yes. You can find a number of sites that do take bets on greyhound racing.

What do the odds mean for betting?

The odds are intended to reflect the perceived possibility of a bet winning. When you take the long odds, you are betting on something that is less likely, but the payout is larger. If you go with the short odds, you are taking a bet that has a better chance of winning, but the prize will be smaller.

How should I pick my bets?

In betting on greyhounds, you have several different betting options. You can pick a single dog to win or place, or you can take one of the many combination bets. The right choice is up to the individual.

Are there any tips for winning?

The dogs with the best odds can always be a good pick, but there are times that you can find value in a dog that has long odds. Do some research and learn the factors that make a good racing dog and how to spot them.

Where are the greyhound races held?

Greyhound races are held in countries like New Zealand, Australia, the United States and the UK. In NZ, there are tracks in several cities including Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Is there a strategy I can use?

To select the dogs, there are several factors that can indicate the quality of the animal and its chances of winning a particular race. When you know how to identify these factors, it will help you to understand whether the odds on a dog are a good value and if you can combine multiple dogs for more complex bets.

Can greyhound betting be profitable?

A person can make money with greyhound betting, but you do need to learn about the dogs, apply a strategy and you will need a little luck.