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Gambling Online - Debit and Credit Cards in NZ

Credit Debit Online

If you are new to online gambling, debit and credit cards are one of the fastest and easiest ways to deposit real money into your online gambling account and start playing at New Zealand casinos. Many new Kiwi players have concerns about the safety and security of gambling online. Debit and credit cards are not only extremely safe to use at online casinos, they are also one of the quickest and easiest methods of depositing real cash and buying casino chips in New Zealand. Payments are extra easy when you use debit and credit cards. In this guide we will go over why debit and credit cards are a great choice for both beginners and seasoned gamblers, what you need to get started, and how to use them when paying for chips and gambling online. Debit and credit cards are so common these days, it makes the most sense to use them when gambling rather than signing up for an account at an outside site. By doing so, you'll be able to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Simple to use
  • Enjoy fast transactions
  • Accepted at most locations
  • Work for withdrawal and deposit
  • No additional accounts required

Now almost every online casino accepts major credit cards and debit cards, but that doesn't mean they are all equal. Luckily our review team has researched all of the best online casinos and they have found the top one to be Spin Casino.

Top Sites In New Zealand


How Real Money Deposits Work in New Zealand

Debit and credit cards aren't the fastest payment method but one of the simplest and most widely accepted.

When you find the Kiwi site that you want to start gambling at, the first thing you need to do is sign up for a new account. At any casino in New Zealand, payments come next, once you determine if you really like the site and its rules, customer service and graphics. You can sign up with a free account first, to give yourself the opportunity to play games with no risk and make sure that the site is legitimate. It is really important that you use your real information when signing up though, even if you start with a free account.

If you like the site and decide to convert your free account into a real money account down the line, using fake info will prevent you from withdrawing your winnings. All New Zealand gambling online sites must verify your identity when gambling online. Debit and credit cards must match the full name and address that you signed up with, or else they will not believe your identity and your real cash winnings will be forfeit.

Once you have signed up for an account, you can make your first real money deposit. The fastest and easiest method by far is using a debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or others). All you have to do is enter your card number and verification info, and you can instantly deposit money into your NZ gambling online account. It's really that simple!

Why Cards are Simple

  • Accepted in most locations
  • The same process as shopping online
  • Makes use of existing accounts
  • Designed to work with a variety of casinos
  • Reliable and proven method

Potential Issues - Debit & Credit Card Deposits

A common issue with credit and debit cards is a lengthy withdrawal period.

It is possible that you will run into a few snags while trying out online gambling in NZ. Debit and credit cards can have the same issues online as they do in the real world, but the solutions are fast and simple. If you run into issues, try our troubleshooting tips below so that you can get back to winning real cash as soon as possible!

Declined Card or Card Not Accepted: Cards are often declined because of insufficient real cash funds. You won't be able to go over your bank balance or credit balance when gambling online. Debit and credit cards are subject to the same rules as if you were purchasing anything else.

If you are confident that you have enough funds but your card is not accepted, double-check your billing address. The address has to match not only your address on the card, but also the address you used when you signed up for the site. This is one of the security measures in place to protect your identity, and to protect the casino.

You can also try out depositing a smaller amount if you were declined when depositing a large amount of real money. Banks sometimes place limits on gambling online deposit amounts to avoid fraud. Most Kiwi online casinos are based internationally as well, so make sure your account is set up to allow international purchases. If all of these solutions don't work, you will need to contact your bank to work out a solution. They may have put a hold on the card for another reason, such as an unauthorized purchase or suspicious activity.

Withdrawal Issues, or Unable to Cash Out: If you choose one of the sites on our top lists for online gambling, debit and credit cards should not have an issue cashing out. The sites we chose are vetted for legitimacy and fairness and have the best customer service around.

Still, if you come across this issue at a legitimate site, they will always give you a reason for why your real cash withdrawal was denied. Most of the time it is a simple security check. The site may require you to provide proof of identity such as a driver's license, proof of address such as a utility bill and credit card statement, copies of the cards you used to deposit real money, and a completed and signed faxback form.

Another potential issue is if you are suspected of cheating. Just like land casinos, online casinos are extremely careful when it comes to any violation of the rules. This may lead to misunderstandings, but if you are innocent of any misconduct you can easily work it out with customer service. Make sure to thoroughly explain the actions that they thought were suspicious and you should be free and clear in no time.

If you choose to avoid our top vetted sites and end up playing at a scam casino, you may have to take legal action to get your money. This can be time consuming and costly, so it is best to go with trusted sites only.

Cash out Limits, or You Can Only Cash out So Much per Week: Many sites have withdrawal limits of about $2,000 per week. If your real cash winnings exceed the limit, you will be paid in weekly increments. This is standard procedure and unfortunately cannot be changed if it is listed on the site's rules. If you are planning on winning a lot of real money and don't want to deal with limits, just make sure to check the site's rules before you start playing. At most sites, if you win a jackpot or progressive win, you probably won't be subject to these restrictions.

Slow Deposits, or You Have Been Waiting Days/Weeks for Your Money: It is incredibly fast to make deposits when gambling online. Debit and credit cards allow you to deposit almost instantly. Unfortunately cashing out is usually not so quick because it requires a lot of verification, especially for first time users. Even for top players, first time users of a site have to go through a complex verification process to make sure that your identity, winnings and bank account are legitimate. The process usually takes 5 business days, plus 10 days for the site to process your request after the account is verified. It can take up to 2 weeks for a normal, routine first time withdrawal.

Banks and credit companies also go through a verification process when the deposit comes through, which can take up to 5 days. If the casino says your money has been deposited but you don't see it in your account yet, call your bank to see if this may be the issue.

If you have been waiting over a month, there is definitely an issue. You should contact customer service first and see if you can resolve the issue. If they are not helpful, report the site to a gambling review site and try to give your complaint as much exposure as possible. If that doesn't pressure them enough to pay you, you may need to file a lawsuit. However, if you gamble for real money only using the sites on our list that we have personally vetted and guarantee legitimacy, you will not have to worry about this kind of issue.

Low Deposit Limits, or You Can't Deposit as Much as You Want: Just like they have pay-out limits, many sites have limits on how much you can deposit at a certain time when online gambling. Debit and credit cards may have their own limits as well, it depends on the bank. Usually the casinos set limits between $1-2,000, and you can get around it by making more than one deposit in a row. This can be time consuming and irritating, but it is done for security purposes. A few online gambling casinos may be able to raise their deposit limits if you email them asking for a specific favour. The limits are in place for the general public, but if you are a regular customer or a high roller they will usually be happy to make your life easier.

We hope that this guide for how to use the top method of real cash deposits in New Zealand has been helpful. Our goal is to make online gambling as fun and easy for you as possible. Now that you know how to use debit and credit cards when gambling at any top online casino, you are ready to get out there and start winning! Check out our list of the very best online casinos in New Zealand, where we have personally verified each site for great security, customer service, game options and graphics.

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Do they allow online gambling transactions?

Online gambling transactions with debit and credit cards are perfectly legal and allowed in New Zealand. Many players rely on these two payment methods to complete their deposits and withdrawals.

What debit cards are accepted?

At most online casinos in New Zealand Visa debit cards are widely accepted. They are simple to use and reliable for payment at large locations.

What credit cards are accepted?

When using a credit card you have the option between both Visa and MasterCard. This makes it even easier to find locations to play at and nearly every casino accepts at least one of the two, and most accept both.

Are they both safe to use?

Yes, both MasterCard and Visa come with plenty of protections and are designed to be completely safe to use at major casinos. They will help secure your money and keep anything bad from happening to it.

How quick are payments?

Deposits with credit or debit cards are usually close to instant, within just a few hours you can be playing at a casino. Withdrawals tend to take a few days before they can be fully processed.

Are there any fees involved?

There normally aren't any fees involved for depositing money but you might face some fees while withdrawing your money either from your cardholder or the casino itself so be ready for that.

Which is better?

Debit cards are better if you want more control over the amount of money that you spend and you want to stay out of debt, but credit cards tend to be more widely accepted and are a bit easier to make use of at online casinos.