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Top New Zealand Online Keno Sites in 2024

Keno Online Gambling

Keno is an extremely popular game worldwide, especially in any NZ online casino. Keno players love to win big using this easy, fun game. The game can be played in person, or at casino sites. Keno originated in China, and immigrated to the United States in the late 19th century along with Chinese immigrants. It soon became a smash hit in underground betting rooms and spread across the globe, all the way to NZ. If you want to read more about the best online Keno rooms in New Zealand and how to play this exciting game, read on! Our review team has scoured the web for the best casinos and we have found that the most reputable is Spin Casino. We have strategies and tips for beginners so that you can win real money today, alongside all of these other advantages to playing keno online. Enjoy:

  • Safety & security, knowing your details are kept safe at these top casinos
  • A variety of Keno for you to play and enjoy online in New Zealand
  • Some of the best online welcome bonuses and promotions around
Top Sites In New Zealand


How to Play Keno

Hitting a Keno jackpot win can result in more than one million NZ dollars.

Originally in China, Keno was played with 80 Chinese characters. Since the game was westernised and became popular in every online casino in NZ, Keno has been played with 80 Arabic numerals instead. This is truly one of the best games for beginners because it is so easy to play.

In the beginning of Keno's casino days, each number in play was associated with a racehorse, and the game was called "Racehorse Keno." That variation died out in the 1950's, then the United States passed a tax on off-track horse betting. You can't find that variation in any casino online Keno rooms today. Although, some casinos still call Keno games "races."

NZ land casinos have some of the best Keno lounges where players can bet real money. In person, the game is played with numbered balls that are forced out randomly though an air blower. Video Keno has become increasingly popular, and any online casino's Keno page is going to be based on this variation.

Each Ping-Pong ball in the metal cage, or in the random online generator, is labelled with a number from 1-80. You can play some games for as little as $1 in an online casino. New Zealander Keno players love this option because it allows them to win real cash without too much risk. This is mostly a game of chance, so even beginners can have the best odds.

To play, first you have to mark a ticket or online form with the numbers you think will win. You can choose as many numbers as you wish, but the real money pay-out decreases as you choose more numbers. Your pay-out also depends on how much money you wagered, so if you bet $4 you will end up winning more than if you only bet $1. You have to turn in your ticket before the drawing begins.

When the game starts, 20 random numbers are chosen and the winners get their real cash prizes. Each site's Keno rules are different, with their own individual tables that calculate pay-out rates. This is why we?ve reviewed tonnes of different online casinos to find you the best games available in an online gambling site. Kiwi Keno players have a huge advantage if they choose to play at one of our top-rated sites, because the pay-outs are higher and the stakes are better!

Beginners Tips and Strategies

Here are some of the best bets our there for playing keno online:

Keno is similar to bingo but more exciting and with more ways to win.

  • Straight Ticket: This is when you bet on the numbers marked as a "single wager." This is the simplest way to play, and great for beginners. You can play this ticket using the "way method," where you mark 6 numbers and circle 2 groups of 3. Then, you bet $1 real money wagers on each of the combinations.
  • King Ticket: The King Ticket is when a single top number is circled by itself. You can then bet on 2 combinations of 4 numbers, and have the king join each 3-number grouping.
  • Combination Ticket: This is when the player marks a few different number groupings and plays combinations of the groupings. If you have a ticket with 2, 3, and 4 number groupings you can bet on each of the 2 number groups together, each of the 3 number groups together, and each of the 4 number groups together.
  • Progressive Jackpots: It is definitely one of the best ideas for you to find a great jackpot offering at any casino online. Keno jackpots are often offered as progressive jackpots, meaning you can get over 100 percent payback on your real money wagers. Sometimes you can even find jackpots with a player's edge of 17 percent and a total real cash prize of $200,000. This doesn't mean you will always win 17 percent of the time, but the odds in online casino Keno rooms are much better than many other games out there.

Now that you know how to win top dollar at a real money online casino, check out our list of the best keno sites in NZ. We searched through tons of online casinos to find the very best Keno games out there. The sites we found have the best customer service, graphics, and odds out there. Take a look and start winning real money today!

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How does online keno work?

Online Keno is simple to play, you pick your numbers and decide how many games you want to play. The software handles determining if you are a winner or not.

Where can I find top games?

To find top Keno games online you'll have to do a bit of searching. Look for leading casinos that offer Keno and that have high quality software for best results.

How does it compare to live keno?

Online keno tends to be faster paced and simpler to play. You don't have to remember as many rules yourself while playing, which makes it good for beginners trying to remember the rules.

Is it popular amongst New Zealand players?

Keno isn't that popular in New Zealand, but it can be found at some of the larger casinos in the country and many online casinos.

How much can I win?

Keno offers the potential to win millions of dollars, but the chances of doing so are quite small.

Is it fair?

Since online Keno is completely random it's a very fair and reliable game that you can count on giving you random results as you play along.