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Rugby Union Online Betting

People from New Zealand, and across the world, enjoy the competition of the Rugby Union. With competitions that go on in countries around the world, and the international games, fans of the sport have a lot games that they can watch as spectators or to place wagers.

Since Rugby Union matches are popular in New Zealand, there are several online gambling sites that will accept your bets. With this site, we review all of the top Rugby Union gambling sites. To find the best place to make your bets, check out our list of Rugby Union online gambling sites.

  • Rugby Union is played all over the world
  • With online gambling, you can bet on all of the top matches
  • Find the best Rugby Union betting sites by reading our reviews
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"Being a sport of international appeal, you have several events for betting on Rugby Union."

Rugby Union and its history

The history of rugby stretches back centuries, and games that are similar to the sport can be found in ancient cultures across the globe. However, when you are talking about rugby as we know it today, England is the place where the sport was formed.

Football games have been played in England for at least a thousand years. For centuries, rugby was somewhat informal and the rules constantly changed with time and location. The first official set of rules for the game were written at the Rugby School in 1845. However, differences in rules did persist for some time.

In 1871, a meeting of 21 rugby clubs was held, and the first Rugby Union was formed. In this meeting, they formed the first multi-team union for the sport and developed an official set of rules for playing.

With Rugby Union being a popular pastime among the English, the sport spread with them as the British Empire expanded. Now, the sport is extremely popular in places like New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, and international competition is robust.

A look at the big games

Being a sport of international appeal, you have several events for betting on Rugby Union. Of course, you can choose to watch and bet on the more local rugby competitions, but there is a whole world of matches out there for your enjoyment.

You have events like the National Rugby League and the Rugby Championship, where the best teams from the Southern Hemisphere compete for bragging rights. As a New Zealander, this will obviously be a popular event for fans of the sport.

If you are interested in betting on some European rugby, then you will find some great opportunities with the Six Nations Cup. This competition between England, Scotland, France, Ireland, Wales and Italy is always intense and it makes for some entertaining tournament action.

After that, you could consider the Rugby World Cup. While it is only held every four years, it is a popular event, and it is always a big deal among New Zealanders.

The bets you can make

With the popularity of rugby, there are many ways that bettors can place a wager on the games. You will find Rugby Union gambling on a number of online sites, and many of them will offer a vast array of betting options.

Of course, you can take the simple approach and bet on the outright winner. This is a wager where the bettor picks the team that they think will win. Of course, the odds will vary depending on the match, so place your bets wisely.

With all of the tournaments in the world of Rugby Union, the future bets are also popular. This is a bet to pick the overall winner of a tournament. Depending on the team's likelihood of winning, the odds will vary.

In addition to this, you can bet on things like the total points that will be scored in a match, the first or last team to score and the number of points by which a team will win a match.

What makes a good Rugby Union betting site?

Both Rugby Union and online gambling are popular, so there are plenty of sites that will be willing to take your bets. That said, some of these sites might not offer a good experience for various reasons. To get the most for your money, you will want to look into a few sites before you make a decision.

As a start, you want to make sure that you are placing your bets with a reputable online operator. Most of the online sportsbooks are regulated by some governing body, so you want to look into where they are based and the regulatory controls that are placed on the operator. You can also get a good idea of a site's reputation by reading the online reviews.

After that, you want to consider the betting options that the site has, the customer service experience, the banking options that are available and whether they have any bonuses or loyalty programmes that can add to the value.


For Rugby Union betting, there is tons of great action for New Zealand gamblers when they go online. To find the best sites, fans can follow our recommendations. We have checked out all of the top sites for Rugby Union gambling and they are all here in one convenient list.


How can I bet on Rugby Union?

All you have to do is find a sportsbook that takes bets on Rugby Union and sign up for an account.

What do the odds mean?

The odds on a Rugby Union match are there to tell the bettor the amount that they could win on the bet and the probability of a particular outcome.

What do the betting lines mean?

The betting line is a way of handicapping matches to make the betting odds more even. With the line, the perceived favourite will be handicapped by a number of points.

Which Rugby Union games are available for betting?

With the top sites, you should be able to place bets on all of the top matches from around the world.

Can I watch Rugby Union online?

Yes. There are services that do offer Rugby Union matches for online streaming.

Can I make money betting on Rugby Union?

It is possible to make money, but you will need to pick a reputable site and place smart bets.

How do the opportunities compare to betting on other sports?

If you only go with the local action, the opportunities will be somewhat limited in comparison to other leagues, but the international nature of the sport does make for a lot of betting options.