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Gambling Online With Visa in NZ

Visa Gambling Online

Are you new to online gambling and looking for the fastest and easiest way to make deposits and withdrawals into your online gambling bank account? New Zealand casinos offer some of the safest and most secure payment options out there, so NZ residents don't have to worry about their information being compromised. All of the top casinos accept Visa and our review team has found the best online casino, Spin Casino, uses Visa also. Visa cards are among the safest and easiest of all payment methods. They are easy to use at any of the best online casinos, and you can deposit real cash into your account quickly. In this guide we are going to discuss why Visa is such a good option for anyone who is gambling online in NZ. We'll go over what you need to get started, and how to use your Visa card when playing at an online casino. You don't need to sign up for any new sites or share your bank account information when you use your Visa card online. Discover the advantages of gambling online with your Visa card:

  • They are widely accepted
  • They are simple to use
  • Making a deposit online is the same as making any other purchase
  • Increased buyer protection with these cards
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Real Money Depositing in New Zealand

Visa credit cards and debit cards both work well for online gambling but you have to be mindful of your balance before making that deposit.

The first step to winning real money prizes at an online casino is signing up for an account. Try out a few games for free beforehand to make sure you like what they have to offer, and read through the terms of service to be sure they offer good security measures as well. Then, sign up for an NZ account and you can make your very first deposit. When you play for free, you don't have to enter any personal information, but if you want to play for real cash make sure that all of the information you enter is 100% correct. Otherwise it could cause problems when you go to withdraw your winnings.

Once you have decided to play for real money, you can easily and quickly make deposits into your gambling online account using your credit or debit card. There is just one easy step- enter your Visa card number and verification numbers, your full name and address, and go ahead and start playing! Again, make sure this is your real name and address that matches your information on your identification card, because otherwise you won't be able to withdraw anything from the account because they won't be able to verify your identity.

Potential Visa Issues

  • Not accepted everywhere
  • Comes with deposit limits
  • Has withdrawal limits
  • Sometimes long verification process
  • Can be declined at some locations

Potential Issues with Payments, and Solutions

Online gambling is a great past time and a fun way to make some extra cash, but there is always the possibility of a bump in the road when it comes to payments. When you use your Visa card online in NZ, you can come across the same issues as when you use it in a brick and mortar casino. Luckily, these minor issues have easy solutions that we have outlined below.

Declined Card or Card Not Accepted: If you have insufficient funds in your Visa account or have used up all of your credit line, your card may be declined. The best online casinos will not allow overdrafts when making deposits, they have to follow the same rules as any in person store when it comes to purchases.

If you are sure that your account is not overdrawn and the card is still declined, make sure to re-check your address. If your billing address is not exactly the same as what is on your Visa statement, it will decline. Online gambling sites take security very seriously, so any small mistake can cause a card not to be accepted.

Another troubleshooting tip is to try depositing a smaller amount first. Your bank, or credit card company, may have placed a limit on how much you can charge at one time as a way to protect against fraud. If you are depositing a very large sum of real cash, you may need to break it up into a few smaller deposits to get the cad to be accepted.

Also, make sure that your account is approved for international purposes. This is one of the most common errors for Kiwi gamblers using Visa as their deposit method. Since NZ residents cannot own or operate online casinos, Kiwis must play at international sites. Even though you are playing from the comfort of your own home in NZ, the charge will come from another country. This sometimes sets off red flags at the bank, but all you have to do to solve this issue is call them and explain and they will happily remove the hold from your account.

Withdrawal Issues, or Unable to Cash Out: All of the sites listed on our top lists for casinos are well known for their ease of withdrawal and lack of issues or delays when it comes time to convert your winnings into real cash. That is one of the main things we check for when vetting these sites, because withdrawal issues can become a huge hassle if you choose the wrong casino.

Often times, long delays or other issues in withdrawing money is a sure sign that a casino site is not legitimate. Make sure to read reviews before putting real cash on the line to verify that other customers have not had these problems. Sometimes legitimate sites to have issues as well, if the casino has good customer service then these problems are easy to resolve.

Most of the time, denied withdrawals are due to security checks. This means that the casino needs to verify your identity before they can release the money into your account. They may ask for a scanned copy of your New Zealand ID or other identification such as a bill with your address on it. Simply contact customer service and they will give you full instructions on how to verify your identity. This should only happen once at each new casino you sign up with.

You may also have issues if the casino suspects that you have been cheating and earning winnings unfairly. This is the same as in any land casino where they are extremely careful and watch each player to make sure they are not taking advantage. If you violate any rules or cheat in any way, the casino is allowed to forfeit your winnings entirely. If you are sure you were not cheating, make sure to explain yourself thoroughly so that they can unlock your account.

If you end up playing at a casino that turns out to be a scam, you will likely have to take legal action in order to withdraw your winnings, which is usually a long and very expensive process. Be careful when choosing a casino and go only for the best vetted sites!

Cash out Limits, or You Can Only Cash out So Much per Week: As a way of preventing fraud and cheating, many sites impose weekly cash out limits on Kiwi players. Usually these amount to around $2,000 maximum withdrawals per week. Cash out limits mean that if your winnings exceed this amount, you will only be able to do a partial withdraw and you will have to get the rest of your real money out the following week. The only exception is jackpot winnings, which often can be withdrawn in one lump sum even if they exceed the weekly limit. Check the terms of service at each site before you sign up to see what their withdrawal limits are, and make sure you are comfortable with that amount before you start winning real cash.

A visa card typically comes with transaction fees, but they are small and some casinos will absorb those costs for you.

Slow Deposits, or You Have Been Waiting Days/Weeks for Your Money: Depositing money into your online gambling account is usually very fast and easy. Cashing out, on the other hand, is usually not as fast because it requires so much security verification before the money is approved for withdrawal. Even the most advanced players out there are subject to the same security rules and processes as everyone else. Usually verification takes around 5 business days, plus an extra 10 business days for the site to process your request after verification. It is not unusual for the process to take 2 weeks or a little bit longer. Make sure you have waited at least this long before you raise concerns with customer service.

On the other side of the withdrawal process is your bank or credit company. They must also go through security checks before accepting money from an online gambling website. This is to make sure it is not a fraudulent deposit and that it is really real money being accepted. The bank process usually takes up to 5 days. If you contact the casino customer service after a few weeks and they confirm the money has been deposited, your next option is to call the bank and see where they are in their verification process. It should not take longer than a month total, so if you have been waiting an extremely long amount of time and still don't see any real cash deposits in your account, make sure to be in close contact with customer service at both the casino and the bank to resolve the issue. Any of the best legitimate casino online will be happy to help.

Low Deposit Limits, or You Can't Deposit as Much as You Want: The same sites that have withdrawal limits usually also have deposit limits. Sometimes this is an issue if you want to join one of the high roller gambling rooms but cannot deposit enough in your account to gain access.

Depending on your bank, you might also have purchase limits on your account that don't allow purchases over $1,000 up to $5,000 without prior verification. If this is the case, all you need to do is call the bank and tell them you want to make a large purchase. Then they can easily lift the restriction.

Another way to get around this with less hassle is to make a number of smaller deposits. You might have to space it out over a few days, but it is sometimes worth the effort if your bank is not responsive. If you contact customer service at the casino, you may be able to get your deposit limit increased as well. Gambling online casinos love to cater to high rollers, so if you have been a long-time customer they will usually be more than happy to help you out in this regard.

We put together this guide for using your Visa card at the best online casinos to hopefully make the process much easier and smoother for you when you start playing for real cash. Now that you know how to solve some of the simple problems that sometimes come up when playing online for real money, you can start using your Visa card to earn cash prizes today! Make sure to choose only the best vetted sites like the ones in our list of top NZ gambling websites and you will likely not run into any of these issues at all.


Can I use Visa for gambling?

You can use Visa for gambling and it's one of the most common gambling methods since it's accepted so widely.

How fast are the transactions?

Transactions are completed in just a few days when using a Visa card to take care of them. This makes it quick and easy to get started with a casino and to cash out when you're done.

What fees are involved?

Most fees that Visa charges are incurred by casinos themselves and it's unlikely that you'll ever pay any fees yourself for using the service.

How does it compare with other credit options?

Compared to MasterCard Visa tends to be more widely accepted around the world, making it easy to rely on and to get started at most casinos with.

Is it safe to use?

As long as you use your Visa card responsibly it should be quite safe to make use of. It's important to only use the card at respected casinos though with a proven record.

Is it recommended?

Visa is recommended because it's supported at so many different locations and it is simple to make use of. There are few other options that can compete.